Boho Outdoor Table Settings - Simply Divine!

Ok so I am the first to confess that I am such a sucker for picnics and patio Nomming!  Actually any nomming with a boho set up is heavenly, but take all these outside then you've got yourself a match made in heaven.  

Don't you agree? :)

1. Burst-o-color

Now for my first entry are line up of ideas bursting in vivid colors.  A festivity on its own.  Just looking at these rich shades just makes my eyes sing for joy! Oh gracious, when can I ever experience such loveliness.  Doesn't matter if I just eat peanuts on these table, I am satisfied just sitting on these chairs, thank you!  Any food brought on there is just cherry on top of a grandiose cake!  Ok, I'm just exaggerating, I need my food!
Image via swansosweet
Image via makezine

Now, now, below pictures are my fave!

(for obvious reasons, of course, I mean look at it!)
Image via asubtlerevelry
Image via 100layercake
Image via cocokelley
Image via cocokelley

If I will have a wedding party, the set up would be that!  I am insanely in LOVE with berries, and I am going-to-die in LOVE with dark chocolates, the marriage of 2 is just the perfect combination for something that's really AWESOME for me. I want to marry it!  So that's for my reception.  Oh lordie, I claim it already! LOL (pardon my crazy moment here).

2. Pastel

And pastels.  Oh what can I say about you... You are just as classic and regal as Princess Diana, and as soft and dreamy like a baby's butt.  Well you know what I mean.  It's just divine!
Image via soyonan
Image via soyonan
Image via soyonan
Image via bridalmusings

Ok after looking at all those pics, I'm pretty sure like me, you'll be confused which to pick.  Sometimes it feels like choosing which arm to retain - the left or the right?

But I'll ask anyway.  

Which do you like better?


Pinay Bohemian

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