Featured Home: Moroccan House of Liza Bruce

I am always IN LOVE with Moroccan style that's why Morocco is my top 2 dream destination (2nd to Japan and India).  The rich colored and artistic decors are great in numbers there, that I would definitely would like to take a plunge and swim myself in these beautiful artifacts, hoping to bring home a handful so I could have a Moroccan corner in my very own house!!!

For our first featured home is a Moroccan home, owned by a fashion designer, Liza Bruce.

I hope you could get to pick some inspirations along the way.


Which part of the house was your favorite? 

Mine was the pool area.  Need I explain why?  I mean, look at it!


Pinay Bohemian

Home of Liza Bruce
Photographer :Simon Upton
Images from Elle Decor

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