My Top 3 Favorite Bohemian Decor Ideas from Free People

While scanning through Free People, like I always do, I've chanced upon these pictures and thought of sharing these to you.

Now if you are not familiar of Free People, this is an online-based company which sells the most spunky and unique bohemian clothing and apparels I've ever laid my eyes on.  Every time I check their site, I feel like I'm sucked into a bohemian universe.  The art, and the graphic designs are just out of this world and it changes ever so often, it makes me wonder who are these talented creative people behind these breathtaking creations?!  

Just check it for yourself and I'm sure you'll agree with me. 

Free people created this relaxing nook that we can make for ourselves.  Throw in these essential elements in place, and you've got yourself a place to do anything creative or worthwhile.

Here are my favorite ideas out of the bunch:

1.  Lavender and feather wishing bottles.


 2. Paints


3. Twigs

I know, I know what about the pillows?  It's already given guys.  You know how much I'm such a fan of those fluffy decor but the ones I've chosen are things that I haven't really thought of and thought that 'yeah, why not?'.

The lavander and glitter bottles, tie dye Free People Blanket could be bought in there website by the way, so if you're interested click on the clickables to lead you on their corresponding shopping cart pages!  The bottle cap birdcage you see hanging on the twig had been DIY-ed by Free People.  Here's the link for that! Cool yeah?!

How about you? 

Which of these elements were your favorite?


Pinay Bohemian

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