Bohemian Gypsy Shots

Once in awhile, I love to take my time and mesmerize on awesome bohemian fashion shots.  When my cup is overflowing on looking at beautiful boho houses, this is what I do.  Getting myself into that world again is fun you know, and images gets you there faster than you think.

So for the first entry of this edition is a photo I've seen and saved in my documents for days now.  That along with the other fashion shots that made an impression on me.  Those will soon be posted here one after the other.  If I could find more related pictures of it in the internet, I would.

Sadly, I wasn't able to get a background of it from the source, but the entries of pictures look so damn good that I just couldn't let it slip by without getting the recognition it deserves.

Here goes.



Images: AtomFoto

I told you they're magical.  It's an instant warp into this magical bohemian world that you want to get lost in and come back into the real world with a smile. :)

Which one of these shots is your fave?

Mine is the last one.


Pinay Bohemian

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