Featured Home: Vanessa's Vintage Bohemian Home

Apartment therapy has done it again!

Welcome to Vanessa Dingwell's Hilltop house!

Vanessa owns Honeywood Vintage, a boutique selling bohemian dresses and all fun things!

This home, by far resembles my dream house to a tee! Ok, that's not really accurate, but with very few alterations, it's practically going to be IT!  

It's so close it's eerie!

I am crazy about the draperies at the ceiling! It gives this room a very romantic and feminine feel.  With a different slightly bigger bed, red(clay) tiled floor,and a more interesting windows, I think I'll be all set and ready to sleep in my dream room.  The room as it is is great, but I just have my own preference - to each her own I guess. :)



Love the turquoise accessories!

Love the dog! and the pillows, of course!

LV travel bags! Ohh, talk about travelling in style!  Cool guitars!

Love the blue and white checkered tiles!

We have the same theme in our kitchen too!


and the chalkboard is LOVE!


Ladies and gentlemen.  

Welcome, to her creative room!  I am dying to have the same thing myself!

ze toilette.

ze famile.

ze scenere.


It's fabulous isn't it?  Oh I can only dream, and create mine too pretty soon!

Fingers crossed!

Images from Apartment therapy

I hope this inspires you to pursue your dreams! 

I know I did.


Pinay Bohemian

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