A Boho Pillow is all it Takes.

Ever feel like bringing in a bohemian vibe into your living rooms?  Well a boho pillow is all it takes to do that trick!  It can easily transform your hoo-hum living room into a more interesting space.

Pillows from www.anthropologie.com

Pile up on these sweets to add up a splash of color and to give that umpf factor you'v been longing for.

Like what you see below.

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Photo taken from Vintage Home | Pinterest  Aylin MoonHalo Bohemian Home
I am particularly drawn to this set up seen on the above picture.  I truly love the rustic feel that the brick wall and the wooden-paneled floor is giving to the whole room.  It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. 

Now, the next room offers  different kind of feel.  This white painted wall and the white sofa makes a good canvas for these lovely colorful pillows, would come popping out some more and which makes all the difference.  Of course, in settings like this, it is vital to keep things white-white. One downside for that is, small stains would appear so apparent too, driving OCs like me, nuts!  So I tend to shy away from these, nevertheless it makes a great example on how boho pillows could change a room in an instant. So viola!

Photo taken from Tumblr  Bohemian Design | Pinterest Aylin MoonHalo Bohemian Home
Photo taken from kootation.com
Let me tell you this.  I am head over heels in love with the Arabian/Indian set up in the above picture.  And the lantern simply looks divine!  Again the earthy colors of the pillows makes everything look warm and cozy.  I so badly want to dive in to those pillows and take a long peaceful nap.

Photo taken from bhg.com | Pinterest Aylin MoonHalo Bohemian Home

I know by now you must already be rattling your brains out just thinking about all the possibilities you can do with these.  I know I am.  I am just itching now for my own living space so I could stack mine with all these delicious pillows!  

Sooo looking forward now!


Pinay Bohemian

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