How to know if you're a bohemian?

They say life is about creating yourself.  I say it's true, but in some degree you have to be born to be someone you are destined to be.  Only with the right skills and affinities will you be able to move forward in your path, arriving in your destiny which holds true to you.

Here are ways to know if the bohemian lifestyle is in your blood.

1. Nature lover
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You have an affinity of all things nature.  You are most peaceful when surrounded with it and you find fascination even in the smallest of creatures, flowers and pods.  In this grown love for nature you find yourself as its advocate.  A natural environmentalist, living green and volunteering in tree planting, beach cleaning activities present in town.  Or you might find yourself sponsoring an environmental organization taking part in their events and meetings.

2. Artistic
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You find deep interests in expressing yourself creatively through many forms of art such as paintings, writings or photography.  These are your creative outlets which cushions you when feeling deep emotions such as ecstasy or depression.

3. Loves to travel
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Part of our love for knowledge is experiencing what you read in books first hand.  You are all for exploring different cultures and exotic places.  The thought of going into uncharted territories gives you a natural high.  The pictures of beautiful sceneries gives you palpitations.

4. A giver
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 Born with a big heart, it's second nature for you to help people and to be important in society.  Injustice and poverty breaks your heart so you find yourself fighting it in your own little way.

5. Freedom is their top priority
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This is the bloodline of every bohemians.  In order for them to live, they need to breath in well without much borders and limitations.  They need their own time and they need it flexible, so that's why they take in jobs where they can be anywhere they want and they can work anytime they want.  That or owning their own business and be their own boss.  Limit them and they'll find a way to break free.  That is just how they operate.


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