3 Essentials for a Natural Make Up

Good day lovelies!  
For this post I'd like to put more focus on make up essentials.  I'm not a make up expert myself but here are the things that I make do with on any regular day. The fresh and natural look is always a classic one that every girl wants to go for.  Guys don't get this but a perfect natural looks is a bit tricky to do.  Some girls spend hours on end to achieve this, but really a natural look shouldn't be that hard to come by.  As long as you master how to use these 3 beauty essentials, then you're good to go.

1.  BB Cream - As with any canvas, you need to start of with a clean and flawless face. And I know our faces are not naturally flawless, except for the few blessed ones out there, majority of us girls would want to hide those blemishes.  And thank God for BB creams, now we can do exactly just that without looking cake-y!

I've got my first BB cream from Maybelline and it works pretty well for me. 

2.  Eyeliner - I couldn't stress this enough.  Not only does an eyeliner could be used to shape your brow it can also be used to darken and line your eyes making it more defined.  This definition of features really makes your face looks cleaner and with shape.  I can even go out without blush on or even lipstick but never, I mean, never without shaping my fab brows! 

Since I'm no make up expert, I'll just let the beauty hunter explain to you the low down on having the perfect brows.

3.  Lipbalm/Lipstick - Now I must confess that I am not a lip person, I can go out without lipstick on because I just wanted to keep it all natural, but downside is, I always end up pretty pale.  So I usually find myself having to rely on lipstick to make me look alive.  If you aren't so comfortable with lipsticks just like me, there are plenty of lipsticks out there which really feels light, it doesn't feel like you have anything on. I particularly like lipsticks that are matte, I just think it looks divine on me.  If that doesn't suit you then you can always rely on stains.  Having lip stains on gives you a youthful look which I guess all of us want! :)

Here is the beauty look I'm going for.
This kind of look is gorgeous, sexy and a bit natural. 

My kind of look!

Here's one of my pics sporting the Olsen twins look.   Not quite there but what the heck!

Obviously I wasn't checking any of their pics when I did this.  But the smoky eyes is there also the natural matte lipstick as well.  

If you wish to try to achieve the natural look here is a good tutorial for that, brought to us by ChloeMorello, an absolutely stunning beauty guru.  She looks like a cross breed between Angelina Jolie and Leighton Meester--- two of Hollywood's stunning actresses.

I don't know what I was thinking, putting my pic in the middle of these goddesses... does that help me look prettier? or I just set myself up for defeat? Lol.

Anyways, a natural make up is what I dig.

What's yours?


Pinay Bohemian

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