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Hello there friends!  In this post, I'll reveal my affinity for 'white'n - a shade which represents purity, innocence and cleanliness, 3 things which really best describes me.   Ehem, ehem!  But really my gadgets are almost always white. I've got a white lappy, white tab, and white cellphone.  My fondness for white gadgets also extends to interior spaces.  Here are just few of the things that I've spotted online! :)

Check out what I found!

Introducing ...

Here's yet another great idea, to make your space more interesting, just throw in a big branch and try to do something with it! Lol, really what I am trying to say is, find an accent piece that would be the focal inspiration of your design and choose small decors that would pretty much complement it. :)

That and an awesome pillow which reminds you about Love!

Check out the amazing carpet!  If it isn't that a great way to add texture and uhmpf

The tricky thing about getting white interiors is that it could pretty much look boring if you let it.  Nowadays, we have plenty of elements that could literally save your room from going to bum to glam!

If you got all these elements in place, you could never go wrong on choosing white interiors.  Your only concern now is how to maintain its whiteness and how to get rid of stains.  Because a spot on a sofa isn't only a spot, it's an eye sore, and could probably forever haunt you unless I rid of it.  But for the most part, you're good to go!

Bright. Simple. Clean.

Just the way we like it!

Are you a hooker for bright and white interiors too?  Do you have other tips and tricks on how to make white interiors work?  And oh, let's not forget about how to rid of the stains because that matters too!  Let me know what you think! :)


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