Drowning in a Boho Canopy Bed!

OMG you guys! If it isn't my childhood dream to have this.  I've always wanted a 4 post canopy bed ever since I can remember and just seeing these oh-so-beautiful beds online just makes me want to make my own now, better have my own Mediterranean house with either of these amazing bed in my bedroom.  Oh my gosh! I could just imagine waking up to this, and sleeping in this at night! Yikes!

Oh my how grand, I would definitely feel like an Arabian princess sleeping on these things!

Well Hello there dear fantasy image of me!

I don't know with you guys but I've had this fantasy  of me all dressed up in this tribal boho outfit, with bling blings and all and I am sitting on this full on boho living room.  I've had this image of me for a couple of years now, and it never fails to give me shivers every time I think of it! :)

And give me a chance here to let you in in one of my obsessions! 

The bohemian canopy bed!

Fit for royalty... 

The bed awaits my Queen.  

Have you guys started drooling already?

Love this! 

Is it only me who thinks that this bed might be the one used in Kama Sutra? haha. This is definitely a 'come hither' design... roarrr!

Such wonderful pictures!  

I sure want to sleep on one of those tonight!  Arrgghh!

My heart ladies just swoons in the sight of these lovely pics!  It's just where my heart is gravitating so bad. The intricate designs warm colors are just divine!  I don't know with you but there's just something sensual and mysterious with these canopy beds.  Anybody can get aesthetically aroused just by looking at these babies! A feast for the eyes! And I know damn sure that I'll get one when I have my own crib!

3 Key Elements Needed for a Boho Canopy Bed.

1. The draping - May it be using light, or heavy material, print or plain, whatever really works as long as it's plenty and you know you would love seeing it a lot of times.

SourceBoho fabric | Left top etsy.com | Left bottom modpeapod 
Right top fabricstash | Right bottom kaboodle 

2.  The skeleton - It may be a ring, a frame, twigs, strings, knots, rods, whatever works for you. You hang, tie, or sew to put the fabric in place.  Design it in a way that pleases you.  There are plenty of options out there to exploit, but always, always choose that design which excites you the most! :)

3. Boho Pillows, beddings, cushions - In keeping with the whole theme, it's great to throw in some wonderfully designed and textured beddings/pillows. I mean, who doesn't want things like these!

I can't even contain myself! What amazing treasures I've seen! I am so in love with the beddings that I would have to stop myself from revealing more.  That area totally deserves its own post!

Now you see, it's really not hard to setup your own canopy bed.  If you have a want, then you have a way.  The internet isn't short of inspirations for these things! :)

I would definitely like a canopy bed with a hoop or a 4 post bed to hold on the fabric.  The fabric, I'm still debating whether getting a printed or a sheer white one.  As for the bed cushions and beddings, I really couldn't choose, I mean, there are plenty of fab designs to choose from, anything will do really!  I love all of them!

What about you?  

What's your dream boho canopy bed?


Pinay Bohemian

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